VIDEO: Pierre-Laurent Aimard introduces 2014 Aldeburgh Festival featured composer Tristan Murail

During Pierre-Laurent Aimard’s time as Artistic Director, the Aldeburgh Festival has featured a major living composer each year. Following the visits of Boulez, Carter, Stroppa and Lachenmann – and Jonathan Harvey’s sadly posthumous portrait last year) – this year’s featured composer is Tristan Murail.

In the words of Pierre-Laurent Aimard:

‘Tristan Murail is a poet whose music speaks to our ears, our eyes and our heart. He is known as a ‘spectral’ composer. What does that mean? Simply that rather than using the traditional scales and materials of western music, he works directly with sound itself, exploring its nuances. As Murail puts it, “I make music by working the sound matter like a sculptor, revealing the form that is hidden within the block of stone, rather than constructing it with bricks, as is the case in a traditional approach.” The results are very original and extremely beautiful, with a sound that is incredibly rich and natural.

Watch Pierre-Laurent talk about Murail’s visit:

Tristan Murail events at the 2014 Aldeburgh Festival:

Saturday 28 June, 3pm: Klangforum Wien I
Saturday 28 June, 7.30pm: BBC Symphony Orchestra
Saturday 28 June, 10pm: Klangforum Wien II

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