A month today at the Snape Proms… The Poetry Prom

Ian McMillan and John Hegley. Find out more about the event and book.


You’d better not come
to this year’s Poetry Prom
if you’re after weighty words
from heavy duty bards
who frown, who cannot bear
audiences who dare
to grin, giggle and guffaw
about Important Things
like Yorkshire puddings,
potatoes (pink string
and sealing wax for all we know).

No, you really must go
look elsewhere if laughing
until your ribs ache
from laughing
until your ribs ache
is not your cup of tea.

Because this will be
one seriously funny show
from a dazzling duo
(more usually solo):
genius men of the live stage
(and the more private page)
whose gifts for comedy
far exceed the capacity
of this irritatingly rhymed
and undisguised plea
to fill every seat from A to Z…

Ladies and gentlemen
please welcome
the two and only
Ian McMillan
and John Hegley!

With apologies from
Naomi Jaffa

Director, The Poetry Trust

The Poetry Prom is on 28 August – find out more and book.

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