A month today at the Snape Proms… comedy from Igudesman & Joo

THIS is what got me into Igudesman and Joo. It was doing the rounds five or six years ago (it’s from 2006) and (naively) I thought I was part of a select insider few who’d latched on to them. But look at the number of hits – over FIVE MILLION on this clip alone! Clearly I was not – am not – alone in my appreciation.

Superstars in Europe and the States, staggeringly this is actually only their second ever UK appearance. I don’t know what that says about us – comedy has been riding a pretty high wave in this country for years, and look at the adulation for the pitch-perfect musical comedy of Tim Minchin) But I hope this could be the start of something big for them here – they certainly deserve it.

A Little Nighmare Music is as they themselves put it “is a show to crack you up whether you’re a classical music enthusiast or the type who runs for cover at the mere mention of Mozart”. The clip sort of tells you everything you need to know – though there are dozens more via their website and on Youtube. A classic comedy double-act, deadpan ringmaster and hapless stooge, subtle and impressive musicianship, inspired clowning, comic (and musical) timing to die for, a hint of edge-of-seat jeopardy, satire and some good old-fashioned slapstick, As with all great comedy there is a serious side – they genuinely do want to bring classical music to a wider audience. But they do it with such sophistication, ingenuity and charm – and their musical ‘chops’  mean they’re held in affection and esteem by audiences and fellow musicians alike (their ‘guest list’ roster includes such luminaries as Joshua Bell, Emmanuel Ax and VIktoria Mullova (all – think Andre Previn on the Morecombe and Wise show) happily content to send themselves up and gently, fondly, mock their profession.

A brilliantly conceived, theatrical satire and a rip-roaringly funny night out, Hugely recommended.

Igudesman & Joo perform at the Snape Proms on August 23.

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