A month today at the Snape Proms… The John Wilson Orchestra

If you haven’t got tickets, put it in your diary in red ink (literal or metaphorical) and snap up a return or one of the Proms tickets available on the day. If you HAVE heard them before either at the BBC Proms or at Snape or on tour, you’ll know what I mean and understand my excitement.

The thing that strikes you is the sheer exuberance on stage – it’s not imperative for musicians to LOOK like they’re having a good time, but sometimes, in the right context, it sure as hell helps! They sway together, breath together, the amount of eye contact and “non-verbal communication” (who came up with that phrase?) within the orchestra is phenomenal – and phenomenally effective. They play with the energy, tautness of ensemble and lavish, sumptuous depth of sound that befits one reviewer’s gushing epithet “Technicolour for the ears”

They are very much formed in their conductor’s own image; enthusiasts, the best in their field (they’re actually an occasional orchestra made up of an incredible roster of this country’s leading orchestral musicians – front deskers and principals all). Compered by the droll Wilson himself, every concert is an event, and quite a few I’ve been at fell into the category of “I was there” moments…

Blessed with the charisma and poise of two star soloists in Matt Ford and Anna Jane Casey, this promises real riches, and a suitable end to a month of festivities.

That’s Entertainment indeed…

The John Wilson Orchestra at the Snape Proms on August 31.

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