My first 12 weeks at Aldeburgh

I am well into my third month working as an Education Officer at Aldeburgh. This is my first job after finishing university in the summer and it has begun to strike me how lucky I am to be working here. The breadth of experiences I have already had and number of amazing people I have been able to meet just in my first 11 weeks has been very exciting. Writing this blog is an opportunity for me to pinpoint my favourite moments and disclose some of the more ‘batty’ goings on (that they’ve all kept a secret from you).

Earlier in the week Megan Peel, who has been directing our choir in Lowestoft, wrote a blog about what the children have been up to this term. Each week I head up to Lowestoft with Megan who works alongside Kim and Alfie to run this vocal group. I have started to get to know the children really well now, who never fail to amuse, surprise and exhaust me! They are making a great musical sound but what is so brilliant about this project is that they are beginning to form new friendships, work with different people and are growing in confidence musically and socially as well. The only snag in this idyllic vision – of Lowestoft’s angelic children singing so beautifully – that I have just laid out for you, is the drive there and back in Aldeburgh Music’s 7 seater people carrier (also known as the ‘Party Bus’ – it does feel as big as a bus to me). The first time I drove it back down the A12, I thought it was going to be the last (raging winds, pitch black, torrential rain). Week on week, I too grow in confidence…with where the headlights are and how I adjust my mirrors.

If driving up to Lowestoft and back is my weekly highlight, Friday Afternoons Big Sing on November 28th has to be my top moment so far. You’ll no doubt have read about 800 children coming to Snape to sing in the Concert Hall, which was live streamed on the Guardian alongside four other events. What those posts didn’t convey for me, was quite how excited the children were as they arrived and were entering the Hall. I made a point of asking lots of children how they felt. There was a lot of bouncing around and saying they couldn’t wait. It was a really special morning. I was caught grinning on the live stream towards the end, though with hindsight, I probably enjoyed it a little too much as the grin looked slightly manic…but hey, it was a lot of fun!

I have really enjoyed working with the Education team in the office and am often amused by the slightly bizarre goings on (for example Melissa (AYM administrator) can’t deny that she has stuck the heads back on to her orchid and only wears heels on Tuesdays, while Chelsea (Opera coordinator) sits at her desk, dwarfed by the surrounding eclectic selection of opera props). I am really looking forward to 2015 and will keep you posted!