Nicola Wydenbach’s Aldeburgh Residency – Parkinson’s and Singing

On Thursday and Friday last week, singer Nicola Wydenbach came to Snape for a two day residency to work on the benefits of singing for sufferers of Parkinson’s disease. She was joined by a wonderful group of health professionals, sufferers and their carers, who travelled across East Anglia to take part in two inspiring and humbling days of singing. Below are her thoughts from her time here:


Day 1

Today over twenty people with Parkinson’s and their carers and families, came to Snape at the generosity of Aldeburgh Music to make music, to sing, to use their voiceboxes and to have fun. They came to help me test out all my ideas after my travels and research, as part of my Residency at Aldeburgh. It has been the most wonderful day and I am brimming with confidence and ideas for the future but more importantly the comments from the group and the joy on all the participants faces has given me a renewed sense of vigour to try and find funding to take this valid work forwards. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Parkinson's Wydenbach (KD)

Day 2

Another fantastic day today. I want to thank Philippa and Karen at Aldeburgh Music for all their support and help over the last two days. More is planned and I am very excited. I would also like to thank ENT Consultant Nicholas Gibbins and Margherita Baker, a Speech Therapist for their informative and motivational talks about Singing and Parkinson’s.

The two days have left me with so much to think about and digest but my lasting memory will be the spine tingling performance by the group of Senzenina, “We will Overcome”, a song from the Apartheid in South Africa. The group achieved so much over the days and I am bursting with pride.

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