Design Competition – Frequently Asked Questions


What if my digital submission file is over 8MB is size?

Upload your file to a file sharing server such as Dropbox or WeTransfer and send us a link to the file. We will send confirmation of successful download.

Is there a target pack size and weight for the disassembled structure?

At this stage of the competition, and for the purposes of storage and transport, we are thinking of a 40′ container for max weight and dimensions. That gives us maximum pack dimensions 12051 x 2340 x 2380mm and maximum weight of pack weight of 26700 KG

Do I need to register for the competition before submitting an entry?

No, just go ahead and make the submission.

Can I submit my entry in an alternative format?

The ‘200 words with images’ requirement as stated in the brief is a guideline so that we can be sure that you have the means to express your design both graphically and textually. If you have a preferred method for doing this, maybe via a PDF presentation, architectural model or A3 boards etc then go ahead and use it. The key thing is to use common sense and to communicate your design with accuracy.

Can I submit audio/video files with my entry?

Yes, if it is an important element of your design. We will still need supporting graphics and text.

Can I use a file sharing sever to deliver the file?

Upload your file to a file sharing server such as Dropbox or WeTransfer and send us a link to the file. We will send confirmation of successful download.

What is the current use of the Henry Moore lawn?

The lawn is used by visiting public and concert goers throughout the year for recreation and the enjoyment of the Henry Moore sculpture already situated there.

What are the dimensions of the Henry Moore Lawn?

The Henry Moore Lawn has a maximum useful flat area of around 20 x 20 metres.

Who are the judges on the panel?

Ryan Gander – Artist
Patty Hopkins – Architect
Stephen Milligan – Area Planning and Enforcement Officer
Sam Price – Engineer
Phillippa Reive – Aldeburgh Music Head of Education
Roger Wright – Aldeburgh Music CEO

Is there any more site info available such as plans and sections?

The reference material relating to this project is available via the competition web page and includes an aerial shot, reference photos and a site map. There are no architectural drawings. You may find further useful reference material via an internet search.

Can you clarify how many people you would ideally like to gather at the sculpture?

No. The practical the number of individuals able to use the sculpture at any single moment will vary from one design to the next and we have no target figure.

Should we allow budget to be kept over for the erection, dismantling, storage of the sculpture?

No, although we are keen to see practical notes for this, the budget is for the design and build of the sculpture.

Should we allow budget to be kept over for the maintenance of the sculpture?

If your design requires staffing, ongoing technical support or consumable parts then you will have to factor maintenance and running costs into the build and design budget. Again, we are keen to see practical notes for this.

Could you say a bit more about the requirement to be able to erect and dismantle the sculpture annually?

We are keen to see a new and original work that is robust enough to be used regularly throughout the year and for years to come. We have a number of annual events which will require the temporary dismantling and storage of the structure.

Will it be an issue that that an entrant is somehow related to one of the judges?

With such a diverse and well-known judging panel, it is inevitable that we will receive submissions from folk that are known to or related to some of its members. In light of this, and so that we don’t limit ourselves with the possibility of blocking an excellent idea, we will accept all submissions. The entrant’s name will be removed from submissions during the judging process to promote fairness and equality within the panel.

Can we design a sculpture that requires some type of foundation in the lawn?

The sculpture must be self-supporting and, other than for the fixing of anchor points, there will be no excavation or permanent foundation.