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October with Aldeburgh Young Musicians

October has been full of activity for Aldeburgh Young Musicians, with an Apprentice Day led by Matthew Jones, an Open House weekend, an induction to this academic year’s mentor scheme, a project composing the music for parts of Aldeburgh Music’s Britten Weekend, and a preparation weekend with folk trio The Young’uns (the beginning of a very exciting collaboration – more news to come next year), all before we reached the [read more…]

Aldeburgh Young Musicians – A Year in Pictures

Music of Terezín (April 2014)
Aldeburgh Young Musicians explored the music of Terezín, a Nazi concentration camp in today’s Czech Republic, in which some of Europe’s most talented musicians were held during the Second World War. The musicians were also introduced to the concept of Entartete Musik. Guided by ‘cellist, singer and conductor, Simon Wallfisch, AYM were joined by holocaust survivor, ‘cellist Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, a gifted young musician born in Germany in 1929 who survived, [read more…]

A second photo diary: The Chimes Hour and Suffolk Punches

It is with great thanks to Phillip Ryder Davies and the Suffolk Punch Trust that this morning, Aldeburgh Young Musicians and artists working with them to form the ‘Chimes Hour’ took a visit to Hollesley in Suffolk to record the sounds of a Suffolk Punch horse…

AYM Georgia Denham with a Suffolk Punch Foal at the Suffolk Punch Trust in Hollesley, Suffolk.
Peter Meanwell recordings the sounds of a Suffolk Punch.
Lee Patterson and Jennifer [read more…]

A photo diary: The Chimes Hour and its development

Aldeburgh Young Musicians and Faster than Sound artists on a ‘sound walk’ around the Snape Maltings site.
Listening to the wind.
‘The Chimes Hour’ producer, Peter Meanwell making some field recordings.
On Monday morning, AYM’s worked on the piece ‘Stones’ devised by Christian Wolff.
Performing ‘Stones’.
Chimes Hour artist and cellist, Lucy Railton.

Chimes Hour producer Peter Meanwell and sound artist Lee Patterson work on the complicated sound installation.
Lee Patterson with some of his unique home [read more…]

AYM, Britten Pears and Middle Eastern young artists: New Nocturnes – a photo diary

The Britten Centenary Weekend in 2013 featured an exhilarating first collaboration between two of Aldeburgh Music’s flagship young artist programmes, that produced composer Alex Woolf’s Serenade. A year later they combine again, alongside young Middle Eastern orchestral musicians from a new Aldeburgh Music initiative, as two young composers, Samantha Fernando and Jay Richardson turn to Britten’s original for inspiration for their own joint Nocturne song cycle on themes of sleep [read more…]

AYM & Faster than Sound: The Chimes Hour

From Monday 27 October Aldeburgh Young Musicians (AYM) and Faster than Sound will be bringing their creative and collaborative forces together to develop ‘The Chimes Hour’ – a modular composition for the Hoffmann Building ‘linking multiple spaces in an interlocking sonic ecosystem’.
This collaboration between AYM and Faster than Sound is the first of its kind and in the case of ‘The Chimes Hour’ AYM will be working alongside producer Peter Meanwell, composer [read more…]

My experience as an Aldeburgh Young Musician by Miranda Davies (2014 Alumni)

After 4 years at AYM I’m very sad to be leaving it behind. There have been some brilliant and memorable courses during my time here; ‘Glasgow Kiss’ from the Rock Weekend, the catchy Persian 11 from my very first weekend and Tim Steiner’s compositions for the ensemble are now firmly embedded in my head, along with Pete Churchill’s gospel songs and Irish blessing, the beautiful Palestinian song we sang with [read more…]

AYM summer courses and Snape Proms performance

Scott Stroman
The summer has always been busy for Aldeburgh Young Musicians and July 2014 has been no exception. This year we kicked off with ‘Crossing the Borders’ which was a week’s course collaboration between classical and non-classical musicians and languages.
There was the usual buzz of excitement on the first day of the course as the AYM’s reconnected with their friends. Working with Scott Stroman (London Jazz Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra [read more…]

A month today at the Snape Proms… Lokkhi Terra

We’re always excited when amazing musicians want to share their passion with Aldeburgh Young Musicians and Justin Thurgur, Kishon Khan and the Lokkhi Terra Crew do exactly that. Having worked with the exceptionally talented young musicians a number of times, Justin (also of Bellowhead ‘fame’) and Kishon understand exactly how to inspire us on our musical journey. Introducing an astonishing line-up of musicians, mixing Bangladeshi Folk with Cuban grooves, Justin [read more…]

Aldeburgh Young Musicians working with composer Charlotte Bray in ‘Contemporary Music’ course.

This weekend sees the arrival of a number of Aldeburgh Young Musicians (AYM) who will be working with internationally renowned composer, Charlotte Bray. During their week together, the AYM composers will be challenged to write a new piece where they have total freedom to experiment with ideas in an intense environment, developing their awareness of the capabilities of the instruments and ensemble, stretching the performers to their limits.
Charlotte will also [read more…]