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A month today at the Snape Proms… Lokkhi Terra

We’re always excited when amazing musicians want to share their passion with Aldeburgh Young Musicians and Justin Thurgur, Kishon Khan and the Lokkhi Terra Crew do exactly that. Having worked with the exceptionally talented young musicians a number of times, Justin (also of Bellowhead ‘fame’) and Kishon understand exactly how to inspire us on our musical journey. Introducing an astonishing line-up of musicians, mixing Bangladeshi Folk with Cuban grooves, Justin and Kishon have been collaborators since 1996. They have travelled the world, living in a huge variety of musical cultures and collecting talented musicians on their way… How apt to now collect and introduce the next generation! It’s one big musical party of musical styles and sonic flavours and you’ll be infected with their rhythms and sheer musical bonhomie.

Their line-up include a generation of musicians who have learnt from legends across the globe and who are all versatile artists, eager to pass on their love for what they do: Trumpeter Graeme Flowers is one of the leading session players in the UK, having performed with Kylie Minogue and on film scores for Clint Eastwood, aside from his work with Kishon. Phil Dawson, the guitarist, is not only one of the best African guitarists in Britain, but also has a huge amount of experience playing Reggae and Brazilian music. Tansay Omar used to drum for Björk and on congas, Oreste Noda is a real heavyweight from Cuba, playing for Ska-Cubana.

Aldeburgh Young Musicians are experienced young collaborators. Don’t be swayed by their youthfulness, they have already ‘wowed’ the crowds at Latitude Festival, London Jazz Festival, and previous Snape Proms with Bellowhead, Alex Wilson and She’koyah. As many of the professional artists have said….” Time spent with young people like the AYMs is truly inspirational. They are so open and creative. I feel like I have had an experience that has enriched my own teaching pedagogy and also my music making (Shumon Chakraborty). The young musicians will join the party at moments throughout the Prom. Come and witness for yourself this collaboration!

“I loved it once again and the feeling was shared by all the guys… We’d love to come back.” (Justin Thurgur)

“I am still in AWE!” (Deli Sosimi)

“I had a wonderful time, and found the AYMs inspiring. I was so impressed by the spirit of your scheme. I hope it continues to prosper with such amazing talent.” (Kishon Khan – AYM Artist)

Lokkhi Terra play at the Snape Proms on August 4.

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