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The Fludde Choir at the Christmas Concerts

The Fludde Choir sang beautifully and behaved wonderfully for both concerts. They were invited by Aldeburgh Voices to join them for a Christmas concert with music and readings both in Aldeburgh and in Lowestoft. Lots of glorious tinsel, sparkly headbands, and Hayden’s Christmas zipper bauble in addition to fun penguin warm-ups, led by the dynamic duo of Brooke and Chloe from the senior choir, made it really terrific. The children were amazed to see the church without the massive stage and Noah’s ark rotating on it. I was so proud of them and so in awe of their poise and concentration, despite the arctic chill in the church (this is probably why they sat so still).


Richard joined us on Saturday and Ruby came to the concert to cheer on her co-stars and is going to start again next term. They all loved working with Ben Parry and many thanks to the team from Aldeburgh Music for making it all happen!! We are having a Christmas Party on Wednesday to celebrate our great singing this term!


Fludde Choir Dec

Aldeburgh Education’s Fludde Choir in Lowestoft

The Fludde Legacy Choir was born out of Aldeburgh Education’s amazing production of Benjamin Britten’s ‘Noye’s Fludde’ during last year’s Centenary. It is made up of the cast of Britten’s Children’s Opera, who come from primary and secondary schools across Lowestoft. They meet on a Wednesday during term time to sing. Here is a blog, written by Megan Peel, who has been directing them this term, about what they have been getting up to:

‘We have been spending the time since half-term preparing the pieces for the concert that we are performing with Aldeburgh Voices on the 12 and 13th of December. We are doing two pieces with Aldeburgh Voices, one is a ‘New Year’s Carol’ by Ben Parry and a second one is called ‘Rejoice! Rejoice!’ by Jonathan Rutherford. Our rehearsals have been great fun and we have had some very funny moments, including much sniggering at the word “dipthong” (the “dip” was fine, the “thong” was never going to make it) when learning about how to say the word “shine”, which in Suffolk can become “Shoine”. After much giggling, they did it beautifully. Alfie, who comes and helps us sing every week and runs workshop warm ups and games with Kim at the start of each week, has a ukulele that has Christmas lights on it. I am not kidding. Sometimes, when he is strumming away frantically, he can switch them on and off by mistake. How cool is that?!

Fludde Choir Dec

With one week to go , we are now working on memorising the words and polishing our performance. We are doing one piece by ourselves, so we have started rehearsing both choirs (Junior and Senior) together on Winter Wonderland, which makes me think of New York City at Christmas time.

Alfie and Kim, the dynamic duo, have helped the Junior choir write their own song about Christmas in Lowestoft – which includes the pun “Elf and Safety” – MAGIC. The kids have written almost two verses now and they have all had their say about what they do at Christmas. They are going to perform and teach it to the seniors at the end of term choir party with lots of sweets and cake and singing…mwom, mwom, mwom…’