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The Hoffmann Building – 5 years old today

Today marks the fifth birthday of the Hoffmann building, home to the Britten Studio and Jerwood Kiln along with rehearsal and teaching rooms. As Project Coordinator for the development of the building, it’s great to continue to work in the space and see it put to good use every day by artists and young musicians. Here are a few photos from the construction which have brought back some good memories.

Demolition to make way for the Hoffmann Building, Snape

After almost 3 years of planning, demolition started in October 2006. Lots of the materials were reclaimed for future use so it was a slow process. This picture shows the main foyer looking towards what is now the Britten Studio. You can see the ‘upside down’ door on the left hand side wall which remained throughout.

The building site for the Hoffmann Building

With demolition completed in Feb 2007 the site was closed ready for the contractors to start on site in April.

Building the crane

There was great excitement when the crane arrived on site in July 2007.

Building the crane

Building the crane.

Looking down from the crane on the site of the Britten Studio

And some of us were brave enough to climb to the top of the crane for some photo opportunities! This is what will become the Britten Studio.

View across the reed beds at Snape from the crane

What amazing views!

The Britten Studio takes shape

By April 2008, a year after we started, the Britten Studio was taking shape.

Removing some of the concrete with spray

The architects came to site with waterproof gear to spray back the concrete walls to reveal just the right amount of pebbles. It was rather stressful, racing to remove the concrete before it hardened off. The reward at the end of a long day was Aldeburgh fish and chips!

Building the Jerwood Kiln roof

The formation of the new Jerwood Kiln Studio roof.

The Hoffman Mezzanine takes shape

By Oct 2008 the new office space was taking shape.

Seating being fitted in the Britten Studio

March 2009 and seating was going into the Britten Studio.

The Hoffmann Building foyer nearing completion.

The foyer nearing completion.

Queuing for the acoustic check of Britten Studio

Nearly there!  Guests wait outside before the acoustic check of the Britten Studio

The Hoffmann Building, co Philip Vile

And here it is! This final photo by Philip Vile.