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A month today at the Snape Proms… Claire Martin and the BBC Big Band

Wow. Who better than Claire Martin to take us on a whistle-stop tour of the great divas of the jazz age – Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee et al.
Whether with her legendary duo with the late and oft-lamented composer Richard Rodney-Bennett, or working on her own albums with some of the other great jazz musicians of our age, or fronting shows with big bands, her trio, symphony [read more…]

A month today at the Snape Proms… Mahan Esfahani

Mahan Esfahani rehearsing for his Festival concert in Aldeburgh ChurchOnly two things that make this irresistible for me; the performer – and the music!
Firstly, harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani. As anyone who witnessed his Aldeburgh Festival debut last month will testify, Mahan is a musician of immense technical assurance, boundless imagination and formidable surety of touch. He is also a great thinker, communicator and passionate ambassador for what he still [read more…]

A month today at the Snape Proms… Steve Earle

How amazing to hold an audience in thrall for two hours using just the power of your voice, a guitar, your creative imagination and a set-list of – for the most part – your own material. How must THAT feel? Liberating, connected, terrifying, I imagine. The spotlight is on you, and you alone; there is, literally, nowhere to hide. I am in complete awe of all [read more…]

A month today at the Snape Proms… Jonathan Biss

Jonathan Biss plays at the Snape Proms on August 20.

A month today at the Snape Proms… Carolina Chocolate Drops

Carolina Chocolate Drops – as scrumptious as their name. With a new line-up still based on the original old-time fiddle and banjo, they keep moving forwards while tipping their hat to a past rich with musical history.
They’re a band you have got to dance to – there really is no other alternative. Chair dancing simply will not do. Flat-footed stomping, hand-clapping and hip-swaying are called for with their earthy tunes, [read more…]

No Prom on August 18 – but our Snape Proms trailer covers the whole of August

As is traditional, there is no Prom on August 18 as we’ll all be at the Aldeburgh Carnival instead! We’ll be back with our daily blog covering every Snape Prom tomorrow, but until then here’s our trailer with a smashing soundtrack by Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino.

A month today at the Snape Proms… London Winds

I go to a lot of concerts, not just the ones I’m involved in presenting I hope I look for the best in all of them – they’re interesting, sociable, intriguing, stimulating, often electrifying experiences – or should be. But sometimes you feel jaded, dutiful, weighed down by life outside the concert hall perhaps. Such was my mood when the City of London Sinfonia came to town [read more…]

A month today at the Snape Proms… Penguin Cafe & Tom Baxter

Penguin Cafe are a joy to watch, a pleasure to work with – and an almost completely undefinable listening experience! But here goes.
Imagine a supergroup, unfettered by notions of what `style’ they are meant to be following (or what trends they are meant to be setting?). A high-spirited, slightly rag-tag collective that can turn their hand to sweetly melodic instrumental folk, stomping Balkan high-jinks, pitch-perfect instrumental pop, atmospheric [read more…]

A month today at the Snape Proms… Come and Sing Mary Poppins

Some music is popular for a reason – who can resist that catalogue of hits that pepper Mary Poppins – the animation may seem charmingly old school, Dick van Dyke’s accent legendarily bad, but the thing that really endures is the music –Supercallifragilistic, Spoonful of Sugar, Fly a Kite, Feed the Birds, Chim Chim Cher-ee – all these you know and ones you’d forgotten
What I love about Come and Sing [read more…]

A month today at the Snape Proms… Isserlis & von Otter

What to do when two major stars want to perform together but have no real repertoire to draw on? In this case, invent or adapt some new pieces. Steven Isserlis has been creating cello parts to some familiar lieder repertoire – and also to some less well known corners. And he follows suit with well known pieces by Faure and Chopin mixed with rarities from Glazunov [read more…]