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Creating a chamber opera – Emily Howard, Selma Dimitrijevic and Dan Ayling

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The new chamber opera by Emily Howard and Selma Dimitrijevic will be a contemporary adaption of a science fiction classic.
Aldeburgh Music Residency Part 1 – September 2016
Howard, Dimitrijevic and director Dan Ayling recently completed the first of two research and development residencies at Aldeburgh Music, supported by Arts Council England. It was an opportunity for each artist to develop their practical understanding of the relationship between composer, librettist and director, [read more…]

Sound House – experiments from the Society of Stange and Ancient Instruments

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‘We have also sound-houses, where we practice and demonstrate all sounds and their generation. We have harmonies which you have not, of quarter sounds and lesser slides of sounds; divers instruments of music likewise to you unknown, some sweeter than any you have; with bells and rings that are dainty and sweet.’ The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments’ new project for 2015, Sound House, is inspired by this extract from Francis Bacon’s utopian novel New Atlantis in which he portrays a brave new world where technology is employed for the good of humanity.

Richard Scott on his first Open Space residency

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15th December, 2014
Number 8 Wentworth Road has a blue door. Number 8 Wentworth Road is filled with books – first editions of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Louis MacNeice and William Carlos Williams. Number 8 Wentworth Road has a view of the beach from the kitchen window – a sliver of silver sky above shingle . . .
I have been staying at number 8 for three days now as part of my [read more…]

Festival update

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It’s been a busy and exciting time over the last few days of the festival, with not only the massive musicircus, but outstanding orchestral music from the CBSO with Thomas Adès, sublime Schubert with the classic pairing of Bostridge and Adès, Pierre-Laurent’s stunning tour of the Etude, as well as amazing performances from young gifted musicians like Mahan Esfahani delivering a funny, informative and dazzling tour of 300 years of [read more…]

The Leipzig Connection – Solomon’s Knot on their residency

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Orford Church was filled with the sounds of Solomon’s Knot at Easter. Solomon’s Knot are part of Aldeburgh Music’s Open Space programme, which supports emerging artists and ensembles for up to three years. Solomon’s Knot have been on the scheme since September 2013 and had their Aldeburgh Music debut at Easter. Joint Artistic Director Jonathan Sells talk about the project:

‘The Leipzig Connection’ was a programme created by Solomon’s Knot specifically [read more…]

Listen to the fruits of Bird Radio’s residency

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Bird Radio has inhabited our Dovecote for the past few weeks experimenting and composing music. You can read more about it on his excellent blog, and there’s also this playlist of some of the recordings he’s produced. It’s certainly been a prolific period.