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The ‘Spira mirabilis experience’

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This is the second time that Spira mirabilis have visited Aldeburgh Music, and so we knew we were in something a bit different when they returned last month. In 2011 they descended on Ipswich for a Beethoven flashmob while here for the Aldeburgh Festival, and it was during this week that the idea for a new piece formed in Colin Matthews’ mind. Commissioned by Aldeburgh Music, this new piece was first performed at the [read more…]

My first Britten Weekend at Aldeburgh Music

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I am at the end of my second month here at Aldeburgh Music and have just enjoyed some remarkable events and extraordinary music making during our Britten Weekend. If any three days are able to sum up the range and quality of this inspirational musical campus at Snape Maltings then it is this last weekend.
Throughout the three days, the sense of this organisation and place as catalysts for creativity was really [read more…]