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VIDEO: Pierre-Laurent Aimard introduces 2014 Aldeburgh Festival featured composer Tristan Murail

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During Pierre-Laurent Aimard’s time as Artistic Director, the Aldeburgh Festival has featured a major living composer each year. Following the visits of Boulez, Carter, Stroppa and Lachenmann – and Jonathan Harvey’s sadly posthumous portrait last year) – this year’s featured composer is Tristan Murail.
In the words of Pierre-Laurent Aimard:
‘Tristan Murail is a poet whose music speaks to our ears, our eyes and our heart. He is known as a ‘spectral’ [read more…]

Composer threads woven into the 2014 Aldeburgh Festival

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Aldeburgh isn’t a festival that picks a single theme for the year – there are always numerous narratives and themes to explore. Britten’s music, of course, is always a recognisable feature, as is the internationalist outlook of Artistic Director Pierre-Laurent Aimard.
There are always composers whose work runs across different programmes in the Festival. This year, while many composers are featured, these are the ones whose music is a recurring theme. [read more…]